While drinking ayahuasca might be 4,000 years old, the practice is gaining newfound momentum in a place about as diametrically opposed to the Amazon Jungle as possible — Silicon Valley.

In fact, the use of ayahuasca has become so commonplace in the entrepreneurial world that it’s become a subject of The Onion satire. In Silicon Valley, drinking ayahuasca is like drinking coffee.

How Ayahuasca Can Help CEOs And Entrepreneurs

This trend, though, is so much more than a funny joke. It’s a symbol of the life-changing properties of ayahuasca; the positive experiences it can catalyze; and the creativity it can inspire. There’s a reason CEOs and entrepreneurs are flocking toward ayahuasca.

The reason is that it works.

If you’ve been contemplating an ayahuasca retreat or want to learn more about the merits of this sacred plant-based medicine, here are some of the main reasons ayahuasca can benefit entrepreneurs.

1. Ayahuasca Creates A Stronger Purpose

As an entrepreneur or CEO, you know that it’s impossible to run a business without a compelling “why?” Why does your business provide the services it does? Why do you wake up every morning excited to go to work? Why should investors or customers trust your business?

When you lose sight of the “why,” you lose sight of pretty much everything. It’s normal for companies and executives to go through periods of questioning, refinement, and recommitment. But what about when you’re stuck and there’s no “why” in sight?

In those moments, ayahuasca can be the great catalyze. In fact, ayahuasca promotes production of proteins that are integral to neuroplasticity, long-term memory, and cognition. The result? A refreshed and optimized brain.

2. Ayahuasca Inspires Connection

Users who drink ayahuasca report experiencing a deeper connection to mind, body, spirit, and universal consciousness. This might sound lofty at first, but ayahuasca (and DMT, the active psychedelic component) is scientifically shown to create a feeling of depersonalization.

Instead of being automatically tuned to the ego, the body on ayahuasca instead shifts to thinking about the world and environment. By suppressing the interconnectivity between overstimulated parts of our brains (the ones responsible for anxiety and depression), ayahuasca allows us to think beyond ourselves and our doubts.

3. Ayahuasca Helps Us Process Emotion

Ayahuasca, because it can surpass the blood-brain barrier, also has the distinct capability of helping us to process emotion.

This is why the sacred plant-medicine is so powerful for victims of trauma or past abuse. Ayahuasca encourages closure and freedom from toxic emotion. For CEOs, this freedom is paramount.

By encouraging us to process emotion in this way, ayahuasca is like a cleanse for the brain.

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