We do not charge for the medicine, but for the work of accompaniment and supervision, for meals and accommodation, and for the translation of the facilitators from the country in which you are staying **All participants will be required to sign up as a member of Soul Quest Church of Mother Earth Inc Membership form and Waiver before attending, No exceptions. There will be a 10% membership fee added to each booking**

The Ceremony: The donation for our retreats will be $600 for a 3 day 2-night weekend retreat. This includes Breakfast, lunch, 2 ceremonies, Yoga, Breathwork and Integration.

Once you have booked your retreat please call for your Medical evaluation.

What Comes With A Basic Package

Basic accommodations: Comes with 3 ceremonies one on Friday night and one on Saturday in the daytime and one on Saturday night , breakfast, lunch, Yoga, Breathwork, and Integration You will sleep on a 4 inch mattress in the ceremony area, you will need to bring a Pillow, Blanket, Towel, flashlight and a bottle for water. Breakfast and lunch is included


Upgraded accommodations
1 -2 person Private King Size Bed with Bathroom $125.00 a night min. two nights
1 -3 person Private full-size Bed with Bathroom $125.00 a night min. two nights
1-2 person Queen Size Bed Private accommodations $100.00 a night min. two nights
Semi-Private Room $45 a day min. 2 nights 3 beds available
Female Dorm $35.00 a day Min 2 days 6 beds available
Mixed Dorms $35 a day Min. 2 days 8 beds available
Bring Your Own Tent $ 30.00 for the weekend

Upgraded Ceremonies
Daytime Ceremony $ 150.00
Wednesday Semi-Private Daytime Ceremony $300 “once a month”
Thursday Semi-Private Daytime Ceremony $300 “once a month”