Soul Quest Church of Mother Earth is a spiritual retreat center focused on providing the Orlando community with service, education, spiritual fellowship, spiritual healing practices, and guidance. We believe in the rights of Mother Earth and in protecting the practice of Mother Earth-based South Native American spiritual traditions, ceremonies, and sacred indigenous natural medicines.

Our spiritual retreat center in Orlando is not open to the general public due to the sensitive nature of our beliefs and sacrament. To attend any of our spiritual retreats or sacred ceremonies, individuals must become members of Soul Quest Church of Mother Earth in Orlando. Membership benefits include access to our ceremonies, spiritual retreats, and a supportive community.

We offer spiritual retreats that focus on the use of a traditional South American spiritual herb. These retreats are powerful, cleansing, spiritual, and life-changing. Through this process of spiritual healing, members of our community in Orlando can recommit to a life with renewed purpose.

Joining Our Spiritual Retreat Center

Consider joining our Soul Quest Church of Mother Earth community and participating in a spiritual retreat if you:

  • Have struggled or are struggling with substance abuse
  • Want a renewed purpose in life
  • Feel that day-to-day doldrums have blurred your sense of self
  • Need a catalyst to change your life
  • Want to be surrounded by a supportive, healing community
  • Want an alternative to expensive South American ceremonies

It’s never too late to re-purpose your life and re-nourish your soul. Join our spiritual community in Orlando for a growth opportunity unlike any other. To learn more about membership options, give us a call today at Soul Quest Church of Mother Earth.